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Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned on this page and in the schedule on the reverse side form an integral part of this Contract. By signing this Contract, the user/renter or guarantor confirms, of having agreed to the terms and conditions and of giving his/their unconditional approval of the stipulated terms and conditions as follows :

Useful Information


1. The company PTT will let and the user/renter will use upon the following terms and conditions the motor vehicle described in the schedule on the reverse side (here after called the vehicle) and the user/renter shall be a mere balee of the vehicle and no interest in it shall pass to the user/renter.

2. This Agreement shall (subject to the provisions of clause 19 hereof) commence on the date and at time specified in the schedule on the reverse side and shall continue for the period and on the date and at time therein stated.

3. The user/renter shall at the expiry of the period of use return the vehicle to the location to an authorized personnel of the company and until such time, User will be fully responsible and liable for any claims/charges, whatsoever, arising there of indicated in the schedule.


4. Petrol is at the user/renter expense. All cars are delivered with a full tank petrol filled to maximum and must be returned likewise unless otherwise stated. In the event the user/renter is unable to fill up the petrol tank when the car is returned, the company will be authorized to do so and will charge the costs to the user/renter account.

5. The charges calculated on the daily basis payable in advance upon delivery of the car to the user/renter.

6. At the expirations of the period when the vehicle is returned to the location indicated in this Contract, the additional time and mileage surcharges, minimum or other charges applicable to this shall become due immediately.

7. If the user/renter shall fail to return the vehicle after the expiration then without prejudice to the other rights of the contract, the user/renter shall pay to the company the additional time and mileage surcharge, minimum or other charges applicable and shall become due immediately.

8. An extra charge of RM80 will be charged in case the drop location is different from pick up location.

9. If return time is more than the pick up time an extra charge of RM20 will be charged Per Hour. Rental is based on 24 hours.

10. In case of advance booking, the rescheduling can be done 1 hour prior to booked time.


11. The user/renter shall drive the vehicle only while qualified to do so or by the person or persons who have been expressly authorized in the contract and whilst holding all necessary current license and permits and shall at all times drive the vehicle and make available for inspection at the company’s office the relevant licenses/permits. It is expressly forbidden to let vehicle out to third parties or to let unauthorized persons or learners to use it or to be used for any purpose.

12. The user/renter shall not take the vehicle outside Malaysia without the consent of the company and shall keep the vehicle at all times in his possession and surrender custody to any other person.

13. The user/renter shall pay to the company on demand the costs of repair from any collision or damage to the vehicle provided. However, if the vehicle is operated in accordance with all terms and conditions here of, the user/renter liability for such damage :-

  1. Shall not exceed RM5000.00 or the NON-Waiver able excess amount, whichever is greater
  2. Save as aforesaid the user/renter shall indemnify the company against all loss suffered by them (including loss resulting from inability to use vehicle or let the same for use) consequence of the damage, loss or theft of the vehicle prior to the vehicle being returned to the company.


14. The insurance for the vehicle does not include passenger liability insurance. arrangement may be however be made at the user/renter request to include such insurance coverage during the period should the user/renter require such insurance coverage, the user/renter will have to pay current rate of premium indicated in the Passenger Liability Insurance (PLI) column provided for this schedule.

15. The vehicle is also without any personal accident insurance to the user/renter and his passengers although such insurance up to the maximum limit of Malaysia Ringgit RM

100,000.00 may be purchased upon payment of premium to be indicated in the Personal Accident Insurance (PA) column provided in the schedule.


16. The user/renter or driver is obliged to report to the company any and every accident in writing and also to the police no later than 24 hours after the accident. The user/renter or driver must not acknowledge or compound any claim partially or in full. It is important they secure the names and address of all witnesses as well as the registration number of any/all vehicles involved in the accident.


17. The company shall not under any circumstances be liable as a result of negligence or otherwise to make any payment to the user/renter or other parties in respect of or to indemnify the user/renter against any loss, theft, fire, injury or damage sustained by the user/renter and /or any third party as a result of the presence or use of the vehicle or as a result of any defect therein and in taking delivery of the vehicle the user/renter shall be deemed to be satisfied himself that it is in all respect roadworthy and in a proper and safe condition. Insurance coverage is for company’s motor vehicle only. The user/renter/guarantor agrees to be personally and jointly liable for all claims, including Invalidated Insurance claims by Principal Insurer/s due to theft, fire , loss and any other damages whatsoever, as a result of use, and further indemnifies the company for any unlawful or illegal acts, breach of conduct and negligence, self-inflicted or otherwise, during and until return of such said vehicle/s.


Cancellations done before 72 hours of time of delivery shall be refunded in full, cancellations before 48 hours shall refunded 75% and cancellations before 24 Hours shall be entitled 50% refund, cancellation within less than 24 hours shall not be entitled for any refund. Reservations cancelled within 48 hours of the start of the rental will be charged a fee equal to the cost of a 3-day rental. Cancellation fees will never be greater than the cost of the actual car rental.

NO-SHOWS: This is where the vehicle cannot be picked up due to: insufficient documentation; failure to provide a valid credit card containing sufficient funds to cover the deposit amount; and / or failure to collect the car at the specified time / date. 100% of the amount paid shall be forfeited.


18. The person signing the Contract assumes full personal responsibility, along with the firm, person or organization in whose name he might sign.

19. It is expressly agreed that user/renter is not the agent, servant or employee of the company in any matter whatsoever unless written consent by the company is given.

20. NO relaxation forbearance of indulgence by the company in enforcing any of the terms and conditions of the Contract shall prejudice or affect the right and powers of the company hereunder or shall any waiver of any breach operate as waiver of any subsequent or continuing breach.

21. In the event of any disputes arising out of or in connection with this Contract, the parties hereto are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of the Federation of Malaysia.

22. This Agreement shall not come into force until it has been signed on behalf of the company or by one of its officer duly authorized for that purpose and unless and until all deposit payment due had been paid by the user/renter.

23. Under the normal conditional or reasonable wear and tear with die care during use, the following will apply;

 A) The company provides free maintenance, servicing and repairs of vehicle within 100 km Kuala Lumpur radius.
 B) Any reimbursements for repairs, parts or otherwise incurred is only by written approval from the company.
 C) All missing items or accessories are not protected in the C.D.W Insurance Schedule. Any claims for damages and losses sustained will be subjected to a complete satisfactory investigation by the Police or Respective Authorities and upon final insurance approval from the Principal Insurer.


If there is a failure for the user/renter to comply with the foregoing and the above provisions, no claims by the user/renter or other parties for any benefit or payment shall arise or be valid or enforceable & user/renter will bear full cost (Repairs, Surcharges, ETC) Minimum of RM5000.00. For any extension usage of vehicle, prior written consent from the company must be obtained.