People do something in their leisure time in which they feel relaxed. Some feel good in when they cook, some found peace in reading. We can consider it as the hobby or a type of the mind relaxation activity. Different people find pleasure and relaxation in different ways but we must say travelling is always a fun for all the age groups. People choose different ways of travelling. Some like to travel overseas some like to travel inside their own country and want to explore about the different parts and traditions in their own country.

A Fall

Traveling is only the fun when it is organized in a proper way, but unfortunately we all have to face a lot of trouble specially when this pandemic break out. Not only are the lot of tourists stuck in different parts of world but dying with this pandemic disease. Several people lost their jobs , several are struggling to make their both ends met and even some are struggling to live and are forced to live on the streets in the extreme weather conditions .


Fortunately things are changing slowly and gradually. Despite of different languages, races, religion, community a HUMAN stands with the other and help each other with love and affection. Malaysia the land of harmony, love and diverse traditions and together fights against this situation. By now probably, guess have to change not only the eating habits but also the way of living. Cars and the travel business helps you to provide a better service not only in Malaysia but also in different parts of the world.

People helping each other by giving food

Customers basically feels that they should be feel free to do booking and cancellations. Online booking platform has given them a large room for it. By using online medium companies are targeting the correct customers. They not only provide them the best services but also provide them the best experience. There is so much what we can share with not only our love ones but also with the unknown. This pandemic has shown the true love for life and has made us realize that the world is too short.

News Alert

After the breakdown of coronavirus the news were all over the internet. Several social platforms share the news about it. It seems that world had come to a halt. Many trips and tours were aborted and government face the economy breakdown. Internet blew up with zoom meetings, phone calls, text, messages by various means. This pandemic must be a time to spend with the family for the rich but for the people who work on daily wages, small business and people doing jobs in small companies were penniless.



Seriously saying this pandemic has changed a lot in us and around us. This has taught us to save time for ourselves and to spend the time with our inner soul “ALONE”. This is the lesson of love, support, unity, fear, limited resources, and all of the above isolation.



Condition of Malaysia now in November

Since the last few months, there is no cash flow in the country. The second wave in the country is a disaster. Employees have been “forced “on the UNPAID LEAVES. Job security is uncertain in all the sectors now. Still many states are closed and closure of states, shops, industries, schools, colleges is the clear picture of recession. Loan Companies and the money lenders are booming as they lend money to the customers at high interest. Businesses are giving a lot of offers to their customers to attract and sell their products but due to lack of rolling money in their account, they are unable to purchase if they wish to do so.

Many companies are going through the tough times and the business is going down. Some companies had to sell cars to pay the bank loans. There is hope from the government. Government is helping the small business by giving them the extra time to pay back their loans.

Support Small Business

It’s time to stay together and help each other grow. The big fast-food chains like the McDonald’s and Pizza Hut get a hike in business and during covid as people were ordering the takeaway food from these restaurants and on the other hand, the local businesses were shutting down. Instead of eating in the McDonald’s and Pizza Hut, prefer to eat in the small local restaurants nearby, it is not only cost-effective but also helps them to stand the business after the crisis. On the other hand, rather sitting at home and thinking of quitting the job because you are scared of travelling in the compact public transport, choose the better option and get the vehicle rented so that one cannot get infected and not only continue the work but indirectly supporting the small local business and the nation.

In the end, we wish as this year is going to end with the New Year all the businesses should be back to normal and people again should have the endless opportunity for jobs and again we all can live our life to fullest.

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