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What is the Cancellation / No Show policies?

You will receive a full refund as long as you cancel the booking 48 houres before pickup in most case.

If you cancel less 48-hours in advance, one day full rental will be charge.

If you cancel AFTER your rental is due to start, you will receive no refund. If you do not pick up the car (usually called a 'no-show'), you will receive no refund.

Paradise Car Rental  call it a 'no-show' when you do not pick the car up, for example: You do not arrive at the arranged date and time, you do not have the right documents, or you're not eligible for the rental, or the main driver does not have a credit

card with enough credit for the deposit.

What are the driving license requirements?

You will need to bring your driving license with you to pick up your hire car.

Paradise Car Rental expect drivers to have held their full license for at least two years. Provisional licenses and Copy version aren't accepted.

When you hire a car abroad in some countries you will need an International Driving Permit (IDP), as well as your own driving license.

What is an insurance excess?

The excess is the amount you're liable for if you make a claim like the car is damaged (when it's covered under Collision Damage Waiver) or stolen (when it's covered under Theft Protection).This means that the Paradise car rental will not charge you

the whole cost if the car gets damaged or stolen while you have it.

So, if your excess is RM3000 it means the maximum amount you will pay to Paradis Car Rental in case of an accident or vehicle is stolen.

If you want to reduce the excess, you can pay to upgrade your coverage when you pick up your car at paradise car rental counter. You can find the details of the excess amounts for your booking in the terms and conditions and on your rental voucher.


What are the age requirements for hiring a car?

Paradise car rental has its own age requirements, but most will rent to people between 25 and 65. If you're 21-25, you are likely to have to pay a young driver fee.

For more specific information, please refer to Terms and Conditions of every car during the booking process.

What you'll need to bring to collect the car?

When you pick up your car, you'll need:

1. Driver's Licence: Generally, the licence needs to be held for at least 1 year (often 2 years) with no major endorsements. Any additional drivers also need to present their Full Driver's Licence.

If your driver's licence is not in English (i.e. if it is in Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese), you also need to bring an International Driving Permit along with your original licence. For more information, please refer to Terms and Conditions at the time of booking.

2. Credit Card: A valid credit card in the name of the Main Driver and with sufficient funds must be presented at the rental desk in order to pre-authorise/charge the deposit.

3. Forms of ID: A valid photo ID (Passport or National ID)

4. Printed Voucher: A printed version of your voucher must be presented when you pick up your car. Failure to present it may incur an additional charge.

You'll pay for any additional drivers and extra equipment when you arrive to pick up the car – so it's worth bearing those costs in mind when thinking about your credit card. In the event that you fail to present a valid credit card, there is a lack of sufficient

funds available on the credit card or the credit card is not in the main driver's name, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.


What payment methods are accepted?

You can book your car with us using most credit cards and a few debit cards. You will be informed about the payment methods that are accepted while you're booking.

It is strongly suggested to fulfil the payment with a credit card in the name of the lead driver. If your reservation is paid by someone other than the lead driver, you may need to supplement evidentiary material when the booking is reviewed for some

security reasons. However, you don't have to use the same card to book your rental car on our website and pay the deposit at the counter desk.

When you pick up your car at the counter, a valid credit card in the name of the lead driver must be presented at the rental desk in order to pre-authorize/charge the deposit. The credit card(s) must be embossed and a PIN number may be required. In the event that you fail to present a valid credit card, there is a lack of sufficient funds available on the credit card or the credit card is not in the lead driver's name, the car rental agent may refuse to release the vehicle. In these instances, no funds paid will be reimbursed.

Will I have to leave a deposit when I pick my car up?

Yes. At pick-up, the counter staff will need you to leave a deposit in case the car is damaged or stolen during your rental. The deposit amount will be temporarily blocked on / taken from the main driver’s credit card and held for the duration of the rental.

As long as you bring the car back undamaged at the end of the rental, the money will be unblocked/returned within 30-45 days.

How much is the security deposit?

Our security deposit is RM1000. If you wish to use your credit card for deposit we only pre-authorize the credit card. But if you used your ATM card or Debit card the deposit of RM1000 will be deducted from your debit card and the deposit will be

returned after 30 working days upon return the car.  At the beginning of the rental we authorize your card for this amount.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your main driver's card does not have enough available funds for the deposit, you may not be allowed to take the car – or the counter staff may insist you buy additional cover from them. This is standard practice with all car hire companies.

Can I take the hire car to cross-border?

Please note that cross-border travel is not allowed with this Paradise car rental. Vehicles may not be taken either between islands or to the Mainland.


Can I pick up my car at one location and return it at a different location?

Yes. You can book to pick your car up in one of Paradise car rental locations and drop it off in another Paradise car rental locations.

You'll pay a 'one-way fee' for this. We will clearly state whether the one-way fee is included in the rental price or what additional cost may arise at the time of booking.

Once you've picked your car up, please contact Paradise car rental directly if you want to drop it off somewhere else. You will find a phone number on the rental agreement you signed when you picked the car up.

Where can I pick up my rented car?
Paradise car rental has airport locations and city location as following:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 1)
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA 2)
Penang International Airport
Senai International Airport (Johor Bahru)
Kuala Lumpur City Center Office.


What happens if the rental vehicle experiences mechanical difficulties?
If your rental vehicle experiences mechanical issues, you can call 24/7 at our number.

What if I want to pick up or drop off my rental car outside office hours?

If you enter the times you would like to pick up or return the car when you make a search on our website, we'll only show you the cars that are available at the times you need.

However please bear in mind that you may be charged extra for an out-of-hours service in some locations. If there's any issue with the out-of-hours service on your booking, we'll inform you.

What is the fuel/refuel policy that my car have?

Level to Level-The vehicle should be returned with the same amount of fuel as delivered.