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Driver's License:

A full license with no major endorsements. Probationary or Learner’s license are not accepted. International Driving Permit is needed along with original domestic license.

Deposit and Credit Card Information:

Accepted payment method: MasterCard, Visa, American Express, UnionPay, AliPay.

Form(s) Of ID:

A valid photo ID (passport or national ID) with translation to English.

Travel Restrictions:

All Paradise vehicles are not allowed to be driven into Langkawi, Singapore, and Thailand.


The rental vehicle should be delivered with a full tank and returned by renter with a full tank. A refuelling surcharge will be levied for the rental vehicle returned with less fuel than when originally rented out, over and above the cost of refuelling. Same policy applies to the replacement vehicle.

Parking Fees & Traffic Fines:

The renter is liable for all parking and traffic summonses incurred for the duration of the rental. An additional RM20 per summon administration fee (inclusive of 6% SST) will be charged to the renter over and above any fine and penalty cost for any violation arising from renter's use of the vehicle. Paradise reserves the right to charge against the renter's charge/credit card, if and when any payment for traffic offences committed during rental is received, after the termination of rental.

Extension of Rental:

Should you wish to extend your rental beyond the original drop off time/date, it is important that the renting station be advised immediately, and extension fee paid so that insurance cover is extended. Failure to do so may mean the Renter is driving the vehicle without insurance.

Any additional hour would be charged at RM20/hour. Lateness above 6 hours will be chargeable at 1-full day rental. Extension of rental without informing Paradise rental station will be charged at the current walk-in rate. No refund for unused rental or early return.

Cancellations, No Shows:

If Renter does not turn up within 6 hours of the booked pick-up time without prior informing Paradise, it shall be considered a no show and the vehicle assigned shall be forfeited from the reservation. In such cases, no refunds will be made.

If you fail to turn up at the agreed time and date, and/or to provide all the necessary documentation, Paradise reserves the right to refuse you the vehicle.

Lost and Found:

Paradise shall not be held liable for any belongings left behind by the Renter. Paradise will keep any lost and found belongings of customer for a period of (30) days. If no claims are made in that period, the belongings shall be disposed at the discretion of Paradise.

Additional Equipment:

The Child Safety Seat available at RM 35.00 per day (excluding 6% SST). Pre-booking is required. Missing/damaged Paradise Child Safety Seat will be charged RM500.00 (excluding 6% SST).

Renter Responsibilities (highly important):

a. Renter agrees in case of accident/breakdown during the term of the rental to:

  1. Immediately inform Paradise via hotline regarding any accident/breakdown

  2. To make a police report immediately, NOT MORE THAN 24 hours.

  3. Giving a detailed report including diagram, even in the case of slight damage/breakdown within 24 hours and by telephone to Paradise Fleet Assist/ Paradise Customer Care

  4. To await further instructions from Paradise Fleet Assist. Any unauthorized repair work will be fully liable by the Renter

  5. If Renter pays for a repair work, it is the responsibility of the Renter to keep the receipt of payment. No reimbursement shall be made if there is no receipt produced upon drop-off of vehicle.

b. The said vehicle shall not be operated:

  1. In motor sports events, including racing, rallying and speed testing (out of normal vehicle usage).

  2. In off road conditions.

  3. By any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

c. Interior Cleaning: The Renter is liable for all interior upholstery if vehicle is returned with dirtied interiors. (RM100 - RM250). The Renter is also liable for all interior and exterior damages and / or defects caused which do not fall within the normal wear and tear of the vehicle.

d. Interior Damages: The Renter is liable for all damages to instruments, knobs and fitting in the vehicle (cost varies according to current market rate).

e. Lost or Broken of Parts or Accessories: The Renter is liable for all missing, stolen or broken parts including number plate during the rental period or vehicle returns unless the rental vehicle is damaged at the same time during an accident.

The following costs will be applied to stolen or broken parts during the rental period or vehicle:

a. Baby seat RM500, Tire (spare tire) RM500 per tire, Rims RM850, Tools & Jacks RM250, Side view mirror RM500, Windscreen front/back RM1000, Head Light / Rear Light RM500 per piece.

b. Others: lamp, audio set, gear lock, lighter, wiper, switch & control button, mats, rear view mirror and, sun visor, head rest and etc. Lost or damage of the above supplementary parts or accessories will be the responsibility of the Renter.

c. Loss of Vehicle keys/ Duplicate of Vehicle Keys: The Renter is liable for all replacement cost (RM1000), which includes a new set of keys and security system, and or any item pertaining to the loss of vehicle keys and vehicle alarm system.

d. Any unauthorized vehicle repair work by Renter or hired by Renter will be fully liable by the Renter. If the unauthorized repair work results in further damage or repair work, the cost will be fully borne by the Renter.


All prices mentioned in this Rental Agreement/Terms and Condition are exclusive of the prevailing taxes and will be subject to change by the development or changes of the laws and regulation.

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